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No matter what the course title, the lessons are different each semester. The children who attend these classes and their parents, too, look forward to each challenge with great anticipation. These are among the finest children's classes you'll find anywhere... a real collaboration between student and teacher. Classes, under normal conditions, would have started in June... but this year is quite different!

There are no classes for kids and teens until the Fall 2022 Semester.

Unfortunately, there will be no classes for Children and Teens in the Summer Semester.

Our feeling is that children and teens have many contacts at school. They may play after school with neighborhood kids from their own or other schools and, to the extent that is available, activities such as ballet, karate, sports, and-- possibly-- even classes similar to ours.

Our teachers and adult students can not feel as secure with children who, additionally, tend to get more colds than adults, particularly now and into the winter. This hurts me in particular: I love the kids... love seeing the enjoyment in the process of discovery as they solve visual problems and find solutions that make them so proud. What smiles they have! As a teacher, I have been so lucky.

We at East Side Art Center have to wait until the community as a whole feels safer, whether that means inoculation, better therapies or just the perception that the time is right.

Thank you for your interest,
Don Simon